"Dealing with Stress"

Support & Coaching Drop in Sessions

with Lisa Kopil


 During these monthly drop-in sessions we will address how stress affects us and different techniques that can be used to let go of stress, change our thinking/beliefs about what is causing the stress and bring more clarity, grounding and health into our daily lives.


Monthly drop in sessions will be online (Zoom) every last Wed of the month (7:00 to 8:00pm).


Fee: No charge

Please let me know if you are going to attend a session at lisa@tapforlife.com and I can send the link to you.



Dealing with Stress and Anxiety with the Help of Meridian Tapping
Two presentations (morning/afternoon) will be given at the Taste of the Valley Herb Fest in White Lake

When: Sunday July 29th 2018
Location: Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens

  24 Museum Rd, White Lake, Ontario K0A 3L0

Do you feel emotionally, physically or mentally overwhelmed dealing with all the stress in life?  Would you like to learn a skill to help in stressful situations?  This presentation will show you a new way of understanding what stress is, how it is caused and how to change the way your body responds to it.  A meridian tapping technique will be taught - easy to learn, simple to remember and very effective at changing how your body reacts to stress!

See: http://whitelakeon.com/iherbfest.html

Tips and Tricks for Stress!  For Kids and Teens

When: Tuesday August 28th 2018
             6:00 to 7:00 pm (kids ages 8 - 12)
             7:00 to 8:00 pm (teens ages 13-18)
Location: Constance & Buckham's Community Association, 262  Len Purcell Drive, Constance Bay ON
                                                Fee: Free

Just in in time to help our kids and teens deal with the stresses of going back to school – the stress of exams, public speaking, meeting new friends, dealing with conflict with other students, teacher and even friends. 
We all can use some tools to add to our bag when it comes to helping us cope with stress – and certainly our kids can use all the help they can get. 
Some stress management techniques (including meridian tapping) will be taught along with a kid friendly way of understanding what stress really is.  Empowering kids to let go of the stress and tap into life!

Please register with the Constance Bay & Buckam's Community Association as space is limited to 15 people. To Register: http://cbbca.ca/cms/

Workshop Testimonials

"Lisa’s workshops are amazing!  I love how she correlates the mind and the body and backs it up with easy to understand scientific data.  Thanks to Lisa, I was able to connect some of my emotional eating patterns back to a memory in my childhood and am now such much more aware of why I choose certain comfort foods to appease me.  But most importantly, the Faster EFT recently helped me through a highly emotionally charged issue by letting go of all the negative overwhelming feelings and move forward in a positive and constructive manner.  And what is really great about this technique is how simple it is, you can do it anywhere, and it only takes a few minutes.  Plus you can easily teach it to your kids.  How great is that!"  Jan 2017


"I would like to say that I truly enjoyed your work shops.  I have definitely been able to use some of your tapping to help with some issues that I was dealing with.   I have had ah ha moments as well.  You truly are loving and caring person.  I do look forward to attending more of your events."  Feb 2017


"Thank you Lisa.  You are amazing.   My experience at your last class affected me profoundly.    Looking forward to finding it possible to attend your classes, perhaps in the new year.  Your skill and mastery are blessings to all who seek out your help."   Dec 2016


"You are really good at what you do. You are so approachable, and always willing to respond to questions via email, or phone call. Great job!"  Feb 2017

Past Workshop Descriptions

Dealing with Stress, Emotions and Health with Meridian Tapping

When: Thur June 7th 2018 7-8pm or

Monday June 18th 2018 7-8pm

Location: Constance & Buckham's Community Association, 262  Len Purcell Drive, Constance Bay ON

Do you feel emotionally, physically or mentally overwhelmed and drained dealing with stress in your life?  How do stress and emotions affect physical, emotional and mental health?  This workshop can help!


You will learn a new way of understanding what stress is, how it is caused and how to change the way your body respond to it (or any other negative emotions). A meridian tapping technique (the same meridian system that is used in acupuncture and acupressure) will be taught – easy, quick and very efficient at changing how your body react to stress!


To Register: http://cbbca.ca/cms/event/meridian-tapping-seminar/?instance_id=92963



Stress, Emotions & Health

When: Thursday June 14th 2018 1:30 to 4:30pm

Location: Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2148 Carling Ave. Ottawa



This workshop will focus on how stress and emotions affect our physical, emotional and mental health. We will discuss the different types of stress and learn new ways of understanding how we can change the ways our bodies respond to stress or any other negative emotions that keep us stuck in unhappy and unhealthy patterns.  Techniques and tools (including meridian tapping) will be taught.


The 2nd part of the workshop will deal specifically with emotional eating and emotional attachments to foods and way to change this relationship. 


Learning to Tap out the Stress - FasterEFT Style
Faster EFT is a combination of the most effective elements of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Meridian Tapping , Hypnotherapy and mental mechanics. It is highly effective, easy to learn and work quickly to change and heal your past, present and future and will help you restore balance to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.
This technique is a skill that you can learn and works with the mind/body connection including your thoughts, how you process your thoughts (your programming) and your body's response to those thoughts (fight/flight/freeze system). 
In this hour and a half workshop, we will go over the way stress affects our health, our conscious and unconscious thinking patterns as well as learning how to use the Faster EFT easy 3 step method to change our reactions and patterns.  This is a perfect workshop for both beginners as well as a review for students who have been tapping on their own!

Dealing with Stress in our Lives! 


Did you know that approximately 80% of our stress comes from our thoughts?  Learn about how we hold stress in our body, how our past experiences are stored in our subconscious minds to cause reactions, triggers and patterns that cause us stress! You will also be taught to recognize how you know you are feeling stress and ways to deal with it in the moment.

Stress and Relationships


Relationships are created from the moment we are born into this life and help shape who we are.  Relationships with our parents, caregivers, siblings, families and even co-workers can cause anxiety and stress in our lives.  You will learn that the way we hold our memories of past relationships end up shaping the way we deal with our present ones.   Finding ways to change the way we see those past relationships, including forgiveness and letting go, can be key to releasing the stress we feel with the people in our lives today.  You will also be taught techniques on how to let go of the stress in the moment so that you can make choices on how to respond from a calmer, clearer and wiser place when dealing with challenging relationships.

Stress and Parenting


We all are doing the best we know how to do as parents and unfortunately kids don’t come with training manuals!  Not knowing what do to, dealing with the reactions of our kids, our families and other parents can cause so much stress that we can end up feeling helpless and out of control.  Being able to bring down the stress in your body will allow you to have more clarity and perceive new solutions and opportunities that are available to you.  This will change how you react to your kids and amazingly how they react to you!

Stress and Separation/Divorce


One of the major stressors in life is separation and divorce.  This life change can leave you with feelings of fear, anger, and resentment, loss of control, doubt, helplessness, sadness, victimized or depressed.  Not knowing how to deal with these emotions can keep you stuck in patterns based on beliefs systems that will prevent you from enjoying a fulfilling and happy life.  During this workshop you will learn how to change the way you perceive your past and present experiences so that you can release the stressful emotions that keep you from moving on through a tapping technique that uses the meridian system to reduce the fight/flight response in your body.

 Stress and Emotional Eating


What causes us to crave those foods we later regret eating?  Would you like to be able to choose to enjoy the foods you love when you are hungry instead of feeling the emotional craving to eat when you are not?  This workshop will cover how stress and the emotional attachments in your subconscious mind affects your eating habits and cravings and how to change them!

Bring a sample of your favorite “junk” food/drink with you (chocolate, chips or even soda (Pepsi/Coke) and will work on this at the workshop.


How to let go of Stress and Tap into the Law of Attraction


Have you tried working with affirmations, vision boards and visualizations to attract what you want in life? Have you read or seen “The Secret” but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you? The truth is that you do attract and create what you hold – but it is what you hold subconsciously, not consciously, that affects your results. This workshop will cover how we create what we don’t want in our life and how to change the beliefs that prevent us from tapping into the Law of Attraction and make those affirmations and vision boards works for us!

Letting Go of Grief and Loss


When you experience losing someone or something you love or care about, it may feel like the pain and the sadness you’re experiencing will never let up. These are normal reactions to a significant loss. But while there is no right or wrong way to grieve, tapping can help you cope with the pain, help eliminate the regret, sadness, so that only the happy memories and the love remain.
This seminar is for you if you:
- Went through a difficult divorce or break up
- Lost a loved one, a pet or have one in a critical health condition
- Experience difficulty with changes in your life (moving to a new place, job loss, career or family changes etc)
- Ready to make peace with the past and move forward