I've been working with Lisa as my life coach for several weeks now on a regular basis. I enjoy her sessions so much! Lisa is a very gentle, smart and committed practitioner, and she has a great sense of humor. As she knows I'm into the Law of Attraction, she perfectly mixes FasterEFT with this philosophy. Since we work together I've observed that I’m much more relaxed and self-confident. She also helped me successfully deal with my stage fear. And I have more trust in the universe, so that small and bigger miracles keep showing up in my life every day.  I think Lisa is truly an inspired artist - not only as a singer and designer, but as a life coach as well.

Annette N., Germany

Nov 26th 2015

Hi Lisa, hope all is going well. I want to tell that my life has taken a complete turn around since I had the pleasure of attending your session on grief and loss, and tapping. I really just want to say thank you for inviting me into your home and sharing. You are an amazing woman and I am all the better for having you in my life.


Big hugs Cheers Barb

June 28th 2016

Hello Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that last night I put your tapping technique to the test. I have this strange condition that haunts me when I have sleep deprivation and elevated levels of anxiety. This condition causes extreme pain to the point of almost passing out. This creates a great deal of fear for me. On occasion the fear has been so tremendous that I have had the muscles in my hands seize so tight that my wife had to struggle to open them. So last night I had awakened to the beginning of what would have been yet another episode. I began the tapping technique I did with you. I was able to keep it from progressing . I felt I was able to control the fear and anxiety which compounds this issue. Thank you.



Lisa's calm and reassuring approach during our FasterEFT tapping session not only helped alleviate self-doubt, sadness, and a pain I was having in the back of my neck, but I subsequently found myself able to re-create the experience in my head with very effective results. This was great because there are times when it isn't possible to tap (e.g. when one is driving). Thanks, Lisa, for this valuable tool!


Lisa introduced me to FEFT a few months ago and I was surprised by my reaction. The intention was to clear my mind or body from negative feelings or thoughts that I had been holding onto. It really worked, I was very emotional during the session and a little depressed the next day. Lisa described this feeling was a result of removing a layer of the onion ( negative thought) and getting to the center of it. After my next session I felt much better. The onion is getting smaller. Lisa taught me how to do the FEft on myself, which I will certainly do. I will completely eliminate the onion, in time. Thank you Lisa


Owner - Gypsy Used Clothing and Salon 

I experienced Faster EFT from Lisa for the first time this year while going through some heart related issues. Lisa, is a warm loving and capable guide through emotions that may appear. Her experience with other modalities gives her a wide base to work from. The EFT brought forward emotions I was aware were there but not to the depth. I felt the release and a feeling of lightness once the process was complete. It is a modality I would look to again in future.


Owner of Find Equilibrium 

Since seeing Lisa for Faster Eft my views around money have changed and I've manifested great things. In the past I had a hard time saving and paying bills and racked up a lot of credit card debt. Now, I have money in the bank, debt is clear and loving it. So much less stress. Lisa was gentle and patient with me. I will be recommending Lisa for this wonderful process to many people.


, Manifesting for Life 

The FEFT is such a simple, yet effective method of 'breaking the pattern' of negative thought. I include it in my life almost daily, I think I like to hear the thumping!!


Triana Feller-Clark, HEALTHY ever AFTER -Adapted Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation