Helping others to let go and embrace living a life of peace, joy and passion!

Lisa Kopil is a Certified Life Coach, Meridian Tapping Practitioner (Faster EFT), Mindfulness Life Coach and Relationship Workshop Facilitator who been exploring self-improvement and wellness for over 30 years.  She is passionate about helping others understand how stress and anxiety affect our physical, emotional and mental health and how to change that stress from the inside out.  She works with clients’ one-on one, facilitates workshops and holds regular drop in sessions at the Carp Ridge Wellness Center.


Lisa works with a variety of modalities including meridian tapping, meditation, inner exploration, energy work, sound therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, visualizations, The Law of Attraction and Quantum Touch.


She had many life roles in life from ESL teacher, Business administration and management, stay-at home parent, musician, artist and small business owner.  She currently lives in the village of Fitzroy Harbour where she manages her coaching practice and spends time connecting with others through music in a duet and local band.


Certifications received: 

Life Coach (Certified Coaches Federation)

Meridan Tapping Practitioner (FasterEFT)

Mindfulness Life Coach;  Relationship Workshop Facilitator

Law of Attraction Coach

Hypnotherapy Coach

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Coach

Sound And Vibrational Healing (tunning forks)

I have lived many stories in my life - the story of struggling and overcoming an eating disorder as a young adult, stories of navigating though family relationships including the passing of my father when I was 15.  There are many stories of my travels around the world on my own even though I was afraid and felt I didn't know how I would manage (from working/backpacking through Australia and New Zealand, teaching English in Slovakia to traveling through Central America and working at an orphanage in Guatemala).  The story of completing my University Degree in Commerce and settling into the workforce.


There is the story of getting married and deciding to leave the paid workforce for over 10 years to raise my 3 children.  In this story I spent some time working on my feelings of anger, resentment and judgement from my past.


The story of my 40's is one of stepping into my passions - from acting with a local theater company, getting on stage and performing as a singer/musician, drawing, painting and starting a business designing wire wrapped crystal jewelry - I discovered the law of attraction and how my thoughts created my life - I found myself!  I also ended up finding myself in a story of separation, divorce, fear, helplessness, victimization and depression.


The story of a new life where I was able to create a life of love, forgiveness, growth and compassion. 


The stories continue.  Old stories end and new ones begin.  The way I tell the stories change over time - I have discovered that I get to decide what my stories are - will they be ones of love and forgiveness or ones of fear and judgement?  The one thing in common in all my stories is that I always found new ways to move towards what I wanted in life.  I have gathered tools, techniques and skills that have allowed me to make my stories ones that I love.


Life is a journey and I know how to make my story one of empowerment, peace and love.  And this is what I want to share with my clients so they can see how their lives and their stories are really ones of growth, strength, success, abundance, love and compassion.

Change Your Story!
Change Your Story!